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Museum of Tesovo narrow-gauge railway is located in the village of Tёsovo - Netylsky Novgorod region and represents narrow-gauge railway of peat factory "Tesovo-1". The narrow-gauge railway passes in places, where the peat is extracted. These places are famous for high production volumes during the Soviet era

The purposes of creation the museum

  • Saving Tesovo narrow-gauge railway and peat enterprise "Tesovo-1" as working monuments of Soviet industry
  • Search, maintanance, renewal and exhibition of narrow-gauge rolling stock
  • Development of tourism and cultural activities in the village Tёsovo-Netylsky Novgorod region

The village is located 160 kilometers from St. Petersburg
The length of the narrow-gauge railroad in the 1960s was about 200km
scheme of a narrow-gauge railway with main stops during excursions

The length of the narrow-gauge railway nowadays is about 20 km

Our contacts
Address: Novgorod region, the Novgorod region, the village Tёsovo Netylsky-Str. Soviet House 116 (Rogavka railway station Oktyabrskaya railway
Museum Director: Pomiguev Alexey Yurevich, contact phone 8-951-676-60-77
Official site http://www.museum-uzd.ru
Group VKontakte http://vk.com/tesovo1
Email info@museum-uzd.ru

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